This method is approved in the aerospace sector
Why not for OTR Wheels & Rims?

DescriptionMagnetic Particle InspectionEddy Current
Ship offsite for Inspection
Digital Wheel/Rim Report
Less than 20 minutes to Inspect
Electronically Measured Length & Depth
Figure 1: Cracks in lock ring groove are accurately identified. There is no guessing or operator dependence.
Figure 2: Field of view on a back section with numerous cracks.

There is no SMALL accident when it comes to OTR assembly failures.

The bigger the tire & wheel the more stored potential energy.

For example, a 27.00R49 tire with 102psi has 309,800 ft/lbs of stored energy.

This is equal to moving a 200lb person 6500 feet in one direction.

Australia law mandates all OTR Assemblies must be NDT inspected every two years

Percentage of Potential and Contributing Factors to Fatalities Involving OTR Assemblies

The Problem With OTR Maintenance

  • Typically, the tire service vendor manages the OTR assemblies for the mine owner.

    Visual inspection is performed at site, but the critical areas (metal on metal) are not inspected.

  • The tire service vendor ships the assemblies off site for non-destructive testing to the OEM.

    If the inspection passes the assembly is shipped back to site.

  • If it fails inspection, it is either repaired, retested or scraped.

    New OTR Assemblies are ordered

  • Turnaround times can be as much as 45 days with a high failure rate.

    This forces the mine operator to purchase more OTR Assemblies.

  • The OEM is performing an NDT inspection that is not third party.

    Mine operators have no control and are at the hands of the tire supplier and/or the OEM



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Innovative Solutions Driven by Data

OTR OnSite™ has developed a proven, patented qualified process in conjunction with an ASTM Standard (used in aerospace since 2000).

Delivering innovative solutions for OnSite™ inspection, testing and certification of Off the Road Wheel and Rim assemblies associated with mining operations


No need to ship Wheels and Rims Offsite

Substantial costs savings, reduction in inventory and logistics while enhancing safety.

Safety inspections and certification can be completed at site during PM or tire off.

OTR Assemblies that fail inspection at site can be scraped at site. No need to ship offsite.

Ability to inspect critical crack prone areas in 5 minutes while mounted on equipment with tire off. This is beneficial during PM or tire off.


Maximizing Safety of Employees

Critical area crack detection and sizing – length and depth.

Excellent for locking ring groove where metal to metal contact can create cracking

Digital report included that can be archived for future reference.

More accurate than Magnetic Particle or Dye Penetrant.

This NDT inspection can be completed in 5 minutes.


Accurate & Reliable OnSite™ Crack Detection Made Easy

This NDT inspection took less than 5 minutes to detect this crack.

Replace wheel with a new spare at site.



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